Pediatric dentistry

Healthy primary and secondary teeth and a gentle approach to dentistry

Being patient in a dental office is a special situation for children. The following points are helpful:

  • Relaxed parents, relaxed children: Don`t worry too much! Your child might notice your tension and subsequently also be afraid. Better be supportive but calm… Don`t ask too much of your child - Some appointments may be necessary to build up trust, enabling a dental treatment. Telling the child, if it does not cooperate, the pain will increase or there won`t be a “gratification” like a present, has never helped to make a treatment possible.
  • We follow the principle „tell – show – do“ and help your child understand what`s happening.
  • A first check-up at the age of three helps to get to know each other
  • Prophylaxis, oral hygiene and a low frequency of sugar consume is important also for children. Fissure sealings help to prevent caries.


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